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'My Mum's Ashes'

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Mum didn't want a Funeral...

A friend had referred me to talk to  a grieving family several weeks

 after their mother had passed .


 They had not been permitted to hold a funeral or memorial service 

for their mother as these were her final wishes.. 

Their Mother requested she be cremated immediately after her death

 and there was not to be a funeral.


Shortly after their mother's death they gathered in their father's back yard to

 exchange stories and memories and go through photo albums. 


 Unfortunately, this did not go well.  All were left heart broken, as the occasion 

produced so many tears and sad memories. This was not how they wanted 

to remember their mother.  


I was approached and asked what should they do? their father and siblings 

felt it was just not enough for their beautiful mother lost too soon.


Together we arranged a scattering of ashes ceremony at a beach their mother

 loved at sunset a year later.


 I lead a small service on the beach and everyone there was given the opportunity

 to bid  farewell to their wife, mother, grandmother in their own words.


The eldest son scattered the ashes in an arc after a short walk into 

the sea. Grandchildren were given rose petals to cast to 

the wind in memory of their loved grandmother. 


These rose petals lined the shore and looked like jewels along the 

edge of the water as the sun was going down. 


A Japanese Lantern was lit by another brother and floated into the air while

 I read a final prayer/poem. 


We all watched as the sky grew darker and the lantern shone brightly 

and was carried off by the wind. 


Afterwards, The family gathered for a 

shared meal at a local pub. 


They later called me and said that this occasion gave them the farewell they needed and a

 beautiful memory for the whole family.

Still honouring their mother’s wishes and not

giving her a funeral.  

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