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'Before I Die'

Pre Death Gatherings

(Living Reflection Event)

I want to laugh with my friends before I die 

When the guest of honour is aged or terminally ill

 and has time and an inclination to plan their own

 funeral.They are sometimes saddened by the 

intention to gather all their friends and family 

but won't be there to enjoy it. 

Visit to Help Plan Your Gathering

As your Celebrant I can visit your loved one or the 

family/organisers to help plan a gathering

 of family and friends as a Living Reflection/Party

 or Gathering before they die. 

 We can also discuss any requests for 

their funeral as well.

Unique Gathering

Living Reflection Gatherings are always unique; usually in a chosen venue or at home

 and run no longer than 2 hours. This may be 6 months or less when given a 

terminal diagnosis, or if a person is entering a Nursing home and 

unable to care for themselves. 

Order of the Day

As your Celebrant/MC I plan a light speech about your Guest of Honour, welcoming family and friends who are invited on their behalf(keeping in mind your Guest of honours' fragility at all times). Often there is a nurse attendant close by. Guests may wear hats/wigs/bandannas or a particular colour  or sporting theme,  depending on the patient’s condition and preference.


Not a Sad Occasion

There is usually food and beverage or an afternoon tea. There is an opportunity for people 

to stand up and present funny stories, memories about the patient in their presence. 

This is not a sad occasion.


Some events have arranged a performance/dance

 or singer as part of the close of this celebration.

The event is filmed and good 

wishes are collated by me or a chosen friend.

Later at the Funeral/Memorial Service

Several weeks or months later there is ultimately

 a Funeral or Memorial Service. We all gather

 again to honour and remember your lost 

loved one.  This acts as a warm reunion. 

The video is aired as part of the service.

As your Celebrant I reflect back to this event and 

happier times while carrying out the service in the 

most respectful and appropriate way. 


Your day, Your way.

Cost: $800 within 40 km from CBD. 

Please Contact me to discuss you date,time and desired location

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