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Pre Destination


Overseas Weddings:

Make it legal first!

Many Australians 

are choosing to have their 

Wedding overseas, in Bali, 

Thailand or other exotic places, 

to share with their 

families and friends.


 As Australia doesn’t recognise

 these marriages legally, it is best 

to partake in a 

Pre-Destination marriage 

service in Australia

 a few days before you leave.


But you must still present 

your ID and complete the marriage Notice of Intention to Marry (NOIM) at least one month

 before your ceremony in Australia. 

 This small service can be in your home or public gardens or a restaurant 

of your choice.

 This can be just the legal words 

and requirements of Marriage in Australia. You still  must have 2 witnesses. You may have your immediate family there with you.


 You are then officially registered

 in Births Deaths and Marriages Australia as legally 

married, and can proceed to your destination.


Contact me to discuss your dates, times, desired location  and Costs 



Legals only 


Overseas Weddings with the Celebrant of your choice

Many Australians choose to 

marry overseas in countries 

where Australia does not legally 

recognise the marriage.


As your Civil Celebrant performing your Pre-Destination Wedding prior to travel, I can also perform a more inclusive ceremony at your overseas destination by arrangement.


This would include additional travel costs and accommodation on top of the agreed ceremony fee.

Contact me to discuss your date, time, desired location and Costs 


A Quick 

Legal Ceremony


This is exactly how it sounds.

 A brief legally binding service with the couple, the 2 x adult witnesses and your marriage Celebrant.


You may write & read your own vows and there can be an exchange of rings. Other than the legal required monitum there is not much more to this service of approx. 7 minutes.

This is not suitable for those having  guests attending a larger event but can be considered for those who wish to have this small service legally recognised in Australia.

You will still be required to complete all the legal documents required for an Australian marriage and provide ID. It is mandatory to provide a minimum of 31 days notice to the Celebrant.

Contact me to disccuss your date, time, desired locaton and Costs


Pop Up

Surprise Weddings​

Can you keep a 


The Attorney General’s Office Australia does not recognise Pop Up (Surprise Weddings) without 

consent from both parties.


However, a Surprise Wedding

 is permitted providing 

the couple have met  their 

Civil Celebrant and 

completed the legal documents, 

at least one month before.


Some people have planned Engagement Parties or Going Away parties with their friends.

I then enter at a given time, 

introduce myself and call the 

couple to the microphone and 

perform the ceremony.


This is indeed a wonderful 

surprise for all and is well received

 and most importantly legal.

Contact me to discuss your 

date, time, desired location and Costs.  

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