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Scattering of Ashes

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Do I need a Celebrant?

Scattering of Ashes can be a private family affair or you may wish to invite friends. This can be done in a favourite place of your loved one, at sea, across gardens they may have frequented, a favourite holiday place, at 

home or at the beach. 


 You may not need a Celebrant for this but if you have not had the opportunity to have a Funeral or a Memorial service, (COVID 19) restrictions, sometimes the scattering of ashes can be your opportunity to acknowledge a loved one’s life and farewell them through ritual in front of friends and family.


A Celebrant can add a sense of ritual and closure to the occasion.  I will say appropriate words/prayers prior to the scattering and there is an opportunity for family to say farewell or thank them for something close to their hearts.


Often this is followed by a gathering with family and friends to drink a toast or just gather and talk to mark the occasion at a local Pub/restaurant or nearby.

Contact me to discuss dates, times, location.

*Please read the Story,  My Mum's Ashes

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