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Farewell to a Loved One

(COVID 19 restrictions may apply) 


There are decisions to make. 

You may have held a previous gathering earlier in the year for your 

loved one a Living Reflection Gathering? 


Funeral & Memorial Services

After you have visited your funeral director and selected all you need for the service

 at their Chapel/Rooms or one at the Cemetery. 

You can always choose your own Celebrant for an added personal approach.


If you choose a Church from an official 

denomination you will be referred to a Religious representative. 


There are choices to make: 


 As your Civil Celebrant I can provide 

a secular or spiritual service or a mixture of both.



Will there be a coffin/casket present at the Funeral?

Are you proceeding to the Cemetery following the service for burial or cremation?


Do you require a Committal at the 

venue or graveside? 


Do you prefer a Memorial Service without the 

coffin present, using Photographs and or Memorabilia instead?


Pre Death Gathering

Living Reflections

Sometimes, your loved one may like to hold a 

gathering of family and friends before they die.  

See 'Before I die' I want to see my friends' 

and have a Living Reflection Gathering.

for some examples of this occasion.


Are you considering 

a private Scattering of Ashes in days/weeks/months 

or at the anniversary of the death?

Heightened Emotion

Death within a family is a time of 

heightened emotion and 

vulnerability and often surreal.

 You want to get it right but you are weak, 

tired and don’t know who can help you.


The Process

I will listen and write your loved

 one’s story with you. This can also be a commencement for healing  

for you and all at the farewell.


The way you choose to honour the passing of a 

loved one is an individual experience.


A Ritual or Ceremony 


A ritual or ceremony can provide meaning, 

healing and inspiration.This is a painful rite

 of passage which signifies the beginning of 

a new relationship with the person

 who has passed.




As your Celebrant, I can guide you through this process in a caring and personal way. 

This ensures you feel safe but are still in control every step of the way. 

Together we can create an 

appropriate farewell that your friends 

and family can share remember and be proud of.

Contact me to discuss your location, date, time of service and Costs 

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